The DAE Adventure

The DAE Adventure

Peter Kostov
by peterkostov on 24 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is some of my work I create in the last 2 Years at Howest Digital Arts & Entertainment University. I hope you enjoy it!

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Level Decoration - Ruins
The focus for this assignment was to create believable real-time lighting and to have a strong composition. I used assets created by my self as well as from the Epic Marketplace.

Archviz - In the Mountains
The goal here was to create a realistic looking Archviz scene and to use only baked lighting. All assets except the plants and furniture were created by me. 

Level Editing - Drill Station
The goal here was to utilize a modular workflow to create a playable environment from scratch. Here I also enjoyed getting my hands dirty with creating some master materials and exploring the creation of different shaders in UE4's Blueprint system.

Game Asset Pipeline - Holland & Holland Hammer Double Rifle
In this course, we learned about the PBR workflow with Substance Painter. I fell in love with creating juicy materials and tweaking them. I created this rifle for the final assignment of this course.

Game Asset Pipeline - FG-425 Grenade
This is the result of me trying to recreate Mark Nicolino’s neat FG-425 Grenade (

Game Art - Blade of Elune
Some fun assignment were we had to design, model, and handpaint a weapon fitting in the World of Warcraft universe.

If you liked my work feel free to leave a comment! If you didn't like my work feel free to leave a comment as well and tell me what you didn't like about it :)

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