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KIT-E is your desk companion and speaker. It can play your music and hover at your desk, do a little dance and express emotions through it's screen.

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Update - 20 Nov 2022

Hello!! I'm a rookie with 5 months experience. I just found out about this challenge 2 days ago and decided to try and join. I got roughly 5 days left, so hopefully I can make it >.<

So first I gather some reference and did some sketch 

For the idea, I'd like to make a simple and small robot  that can be your desk companion. I want it to be round and friendly and also hover instead of having hands/legs.

At first, I tried to do ball shape but then I think an egg shape is more interesting. Next, I try bunch of animals such as chick, bunny, and cat. I ended up choosing the cat as I want to make the ear as speaker shape like the headphone on the reference.  I also decided that I want the display interface to be simple enough with just eyes and no mouth.

I ended up with this final design concept, I imagine it'll be interesting to see a robot hovering on your desk and play your music, act as your speaker when you insert a USB.

And then, I started the 3d model. I still need to clean up some pinch here and there, add some details and make the charging station. But overall, I think the shape is already good.

That's it for today, I plan to update tomorrow with the final model, UV unwrap and a little bit texture (?) maybe?? anyway, see you tomorrow!

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