Petrover 98
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Petrover 98

Fuel dried up decades ago, Iron ore is long gone and Petrover 98 has been converted from petrol pump to robot friend.

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Update - 20 Nov 2022

Inspiration and Research

I wanted to join the competition as a project practice. I am a little late as I only discovered it with a week to go but I will get what I can get done after work. 

Today, I did some research for inspiration.

Thoughts behind the idea

I had this idea about personified robots being a permanent part of our regular life in the future. A time where fossil fuels have been exhausted, oil and iron ore are rare and expensive so or digital robot friends are made from recycled materials. I chose the idea of a transformed petrol pump who would have long run out of purpose and has been repurposed as a robot. He's a bit damaged, a bit roughed up but his work ethic and vintage look will steal your heart. 

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