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0R-10-N is a small robot, who was thrown away by the parents of his human, he is now on his own, trying to get back home.

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

I made a new background in Photoshop, that better fitted the mood and added the moon in the background.

The moon was a little too blurry, so I reworked the 2nd picture in the line above a bit, because I liked the way that the moon intersects with Orion. Then I also noticed that his right arm wasn't visible because of the position he was holding his ear. I went back to Maya to try another pose with the current camera angle. 

When I found a good position, I went in Unreal again, changing a bit of the lighting, so the highlights would be placed better and took my final render.

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

I touched up some of my textures (mostly the feet), then I made some new renders in Maya, with different poses to see what the best angle would be. While I did this, I also changed some of the poses to make things more readable from the current camera angle. 

With this last row, I made him sit on something, so you could more clearly see his body, and it would make the overall silhouette more interesting.

So with these pose, I went back to Unreal, to rework the camera angles with the different poses and let it nicely fit together with the lighting.

I liked the last one the most, because it is readable and more interesting to look at than the other ones. With this in mind, I changed the angle a bit, played a little with the HDRI and in the end changed my focal length of the camera, to get my final render.

Update - 21 Nov 2022

Now the camera angle has moved down meant that the ear was difficult to read. I needed to solve that problem. So I experimented with the pose a bit as well as with a change of colours, this mainly so the ear would catch more attention.

I started by looking in exactly why it was so hard to read, so first I changed the position of the ear and because it was a little bit better I decided to change the colour of the claws as well, this mainly because it was black on black. To help with the readability .

The readability is better, but now it is the claw that is readable, the ear still kind of melts away with Orion himself, so I decided to change the position again and this time also changing the colour of the ear.

I moved his leg up a bit and then placed the ear back in his claw and let him look at it to let the viewer also follow his gaze. This position worked way better than the other one. Mainly because now he could really look at it, and it has in more space to catch the light.

I also changed a bit of his textures, mainly adding some blue lines to let the colour of the ears be repeated, to make it more of a whole.

In the last render, there is something wrong with my roughness texture, I wasn't able to fix it, so I left it. I was planning to render in Unreal and there it all looked good.

Speaking of Unreal, I tried some basic light setups and backgrounds. These were mostly done with my old pose and textures, except the last one. 

I really liked the last render, I think because of it's simplicity, no objects to grab your attention. There are still some minor things I need to change. These changes are mostly going to take place in Unreal(lighting and camera position).

Update - 9 Nov 2022

I added some more damages in the face area, it was a little empty when compared to the other body parts. After painting over the face in Photoshop, to see what would work best. I applied it to my model and textures, to then render in Maya, this time I put the angle a little lower, so he looks a bit cuter. I am also going to change his pose a bit, so you can easier see his ear that he is holding. 

Here I painted the chosen damages to him in the camera angle that I wanted, then added them in Substance Painter and rendered them in Maya, only the cloth still needs to be added and the pose needs to change. I didn't add the damaged eye, because it added a certain creepy factor.

Update - 7 Nov 2022

My previous renders were in Substance to give fast updates on my work, today I exported everything to Maya to render and tweak a little in there. My final render will be un Unreal Engine 5, for easier tweaking and setting up the environment.

Update - 4 Nov 2022

I started to work in Substance Painter, first trying some things out, and then sticking with the colours. Like stated before, I really wanted a worn down robot. One that (probably) had their best time behind them. This is why parts are missing and wires are sticking out. A lot of rust and damages all over.

Halfway the texturing process, I noticed that the ear wasn't that visible due to the black piece of the body. So I decided to make that black part white to let it stick out a little bit more.

I first started putting on the normal and hight details (lines), then I blocked in the colours and materials.  To then add damages and leakage.

Update - 3 Nov 2022

This is 0R-10-N, a small robot who once was created by his favorite human. They enjoyed playing together when the human came back from school. 0R-10-N was never one of the strongest or toughest... in fact, a lot of his parts needed to be replaced regularly because they broke or malfunctioned. But his human always fixed it, whether it was changing a spring in his leg or replacing his arm with a plastic tube. Nothing was too difficult to repair.

But no fairy tale ever lasts. And sadly enough neither does this one. When his human became of age, he lost more and more interest in 0R-10-N. So after some time, the bigger humans put him where all things the humans don't need anymore get put... down the trash. 0R-10-N now lives on the street, fending for himself in this unforgiving world, hoping to find his human again.

These were my first concepts, I liked the right one the most so I started working that one a little bit more out and tried to give him a story, so it would be logical that he isn't one of the sturdiest robots.

I added some wires and tubes to add more to the siluette