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Adventure On!!! Adobe Substance 3D - Robot Challenge
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Adventure On!!! Adobe Substance 3D - Robot Challenge

My Submission page for the Adobe Substance 3D - Robot Challenge! Really excited to stretch my 3D Prowess and Texturing skills for this project! Adventure On!!! Is my Catch Phrase for one of my YouTube channels and So getting to use that as reference for my idea for my robots is exciting! Come Join me!!!

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Update - 1 Nov 2022

Quick Update! Finally got to modeling spent the majority of my morning getting some semblance of form down to get a good working product. Head was the hardest part, I am terrible at Character Modeling, but this is a fun exercise to get me back in the swing of this kind of topology. The hips were pretty easy too get set right as well can't wait to keep moving forward with this! 

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Update - 17 Oct 2022

I am in no means a concept artist, and my 2D Skills need some work, So I utilized DALL-E AI Generation to create some ideas and concepts for my ideas. 

I am really excited for this project, and the AI Generator was able to give me a lot of ideas, I am going to make a mini Knight and Wizard that is ready for an adventure, the Knight being really Gun-Ho and the Wizard Nervous and running lagging behind him!