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Here is O-P. A cute robot inspired in EVE with a touch of Bomberman and some other mechs I love like Briareos. I did this concept some years ago. This challenge is perfect to bring this little buddy to life now I've become a 3D Character Artist and the perfect excuse to give a try the new Substance 3D tools.

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

Final Entry

Final submission plus some other renders. Playing around with Substance 3D Stager was really fun. Very easy and intuitive and the feature to send everything from Painter is just awesome! Looking forward to see how this tool evolves in a future.

Good luck to you all!

Substance 3D Painter screen recording.

Substance 3D Stager screen recording.

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Update - 21 Nov 2022

I was thinking about making a stand to support the robot and this idea came to my mind. I did the smoke in Substance 3D Modeler for later refinement in ZBrush.

I will pose the character just like a Super Saiyan and let's see what happens...

Update - 15 Nov 2022

First texturing pass for O-P.

I think I'm going to try a plastic painted material for the carcass of the body instead metallic.

Texturing and look dev using Substance 3D Painter and Substance 3D Stager.


Plastic material test.

Update - 14 Nov 2022

Once I have got my final high mesh, I started the UVs creation process inside ZBbrush using my polygroups for later GoZ to Maya to organize the groups and export the final Low mesh.

I did the bake in Substance 3D Painter where I set up the model with some materials to check everything is ok. Also sent everything to Adobe 3D Stager with a single click to start ckeching this aplication.

Final High Poly Mesh

I've used my Breki Thor and Mike Nash hard surface brush sets to sculpt those pannelings and details over the high mesh.

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Update - 3 Nov 2022

This is almost here! Modelling at least...

This is my final topology. No time to retopology... It has some parts I don't like but I'd like to start with the painting proccess asap.

I will sculpt the paneling lines for later use with the normal map and then I'll start with the UVs.

Update - 2 Nov 2022

I've been working on the chest, the base of the ears and the turbine. Chest will need some more of polishment although it's almos there.

I still working with the ZRemesher so thinking about doing a retopology just for the parts of the chest and back...

Update - 20 Oct 2022

Some work on the chest today. Chopping booleans and high poly sculpting to start getting those shapes.

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Update - 19 Oct 2022

Some more work in progress. The arms this time. I will keep the ZModeler, Booleans and ZRemesher workflow until I have a solid bocking to start with the details. One single subdivision for now so I'm using Dynamic Subdiv to preview the silhouete.

Update - 18 Oct 2022

First stage of modeling. ZModeler, Booleans and ZRemesher.

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Update - 13 Oct 2022

Quick blockout for matching proportions.

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Update - 13 Oct 2022

This is O-P. A robot concept I did some years ago. It was going to be the mascot of the online platform I was working for,

This challenge is great to take this concept and turning it into 3D now I've became a 3D Character Artist this year. 

I'm Rookie now with 8 months of profesional experience in this field so I guess I don't break the rules. I just hope I have free time enough to take it to the end... 

I've added this vídeo where you can see me painting (from min 00' 12") a versión of the robot 4 years ago when I was working as Graphic Artist.