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Yann Leblanc - Concept Art Collection 2022

Yann Leblanc - Concept Art Collection 2022

Yann Leblanc
by YannLeblanc on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, I'm Yann Leblanc and I'm currently a 1st year student of the New3dge Concept Art program. The following projects showcase what I've done during this past year.

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What you will see below is the result of my work during my 1st year at the New3dge Concept Art program. Hope you will like it ! 


Guilds Character Designs

Character designs done during Boell Oyino's class. The goal was to create characters from different factions, while still keeping a certain unity, and making them part of the same world. 


DnD character design 

Animalistic Character Designs

Bounty Hunter


The main goal of the two following workshops, was to find efficient ways of working in a small group, during a short amount of time by creating and sharing common assets, establishing an artistic direction and an overall visual coherence.

Prehistoric Hunt

Keyframe done during Jama Jurabaev's Workshop. This keyframe is part team project about an hypotetic Prehistoric Hunt movie pitch. 

Here's a small process from raw 3D to the final paint over.

Outer World Expedition

Keyframes done with Jason Horley's feedbacks. Just like Jama's, it was part of a team project, based on a exoplanet expedtion gone wrong.

Environment Design


Environment design / keyframes done for Max Schiller's class. The main goal was to give a strong holy sense, as well as a defaced version of a fantasy temple.

DEMET.R Multi Climat Agriculture Systems

Environment design done during Ivan Laliashvili's class.

Shelter in the Ruins

Stylized environment design done during Paul Riebe world building class. This image was the final result of a small world building  project. My goal here was to design a Platform / Shelter in a abandoned city.

Props Design

Two props design done with Wouter Gort feedbacks. 

And that's it, thank you all for the attention you gave to my work. It was a ton of fun, but also a true challenge that helped me grow a lot this past year !

 See you next year hopefully !!

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