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Romy Cools
by romy on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! My name is Romy. This entry is a selection of my environmental work, done through 3D modeling and compositing techniques. Hope you like it!

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My compositing demoreel, hope you like it!

Below you will find each project from my demo reel shown and explained separately.

First project: CANADIAN ROAD

I started with footage of a Belgium road and converted it with Photoshop and After Effects to a road that could lay in Canada. 


In the slide bar you will see from the left the start of the project. I modeled everything in maya, except for the guardrail, which is from Bridge. In the middle, you have the finished project. I textured with Substance Painter and Quixel Bridge. Rendered with Arnold and the post-production, background, and water are made with Photoshop and Blackmagic Design Fusion 9. The last image is the reference photo from Brendon Burdon.


On the left, you will see here I started with modeling. Everything is modeled by myself in Maya, except for the chairs. They are from Bridge. Texturing happened with Substance Painter and Quixel Bridge, rendered with Arnold, and post-production with Photoshop and Blackmagic Design Fusion 9.

The last picture is the image that inspired me to make this.


This project is not in my compositing demo reel at the beginning of my entry, because this is an environmental project with limited post-production. First time using Unreal Engine 5. The assets are mostly Megascans, but there are as well some self-modeled props with Maya.

The last image is the reference image from Mathieu Latour-Duhaime.

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