Seppe Vangrunderbeek - Portfolio pieces

Seppe Vangrunderbeek - Portfolio pieces

by seppev on 23 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

In this entry you can find some of my portfolio pieces. The ones that I am most proud of! A lot of them are RnD works where I learned a lot of new things that I can take with me for the next artworks!

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Bison - Creature Rig

Model by Nicolas Morel

This creature rig is made to use as base for muscle simulation. The skeleton model was used as reference for the joint placement.

The legs have a nested IK with a spring IK Handle and a Rotate Plane IK. This way there could be 2 pole vector controls on each leg.

The front legs have the choice to have an automated upper leg with a bend attribute to bend the upper leg, or just the lower leg IK with a control to rotate the upper leg.

The spine has an FK, Reverse FK and an IK Ribbon spine. The IK spine is driven by the FK spine, this way all 3 chains can be used together. The neck is made in a similar fashion with the only exception that there is no Reverse FK chain.

Bison - Muscle Simulation: Ziva Dynamics

Model by Nicolas Morel, walkcycle by Zoe Juhr-De Benedetti

On the left you can see a screenshot that shows what the simulation looks like in the viewport.

This whole project was my choice for my graduation work. This is my first time ever creating a muscle simulation and for this, I chose Ziva Dynamics together with Maya as my medium to create the whole simulation.

This simulation consists out of 99 zTissues of which 82 have zFibers, 142 zBones and 511 zAttachments.

To make the muscles contract I used a bunch of pose readers with aim constraints to get a certain rotation out of a bodypoart. This rotation was, with the use of remapValue-nodes given to the excitation input of the zFiber-nodes. For the next muscle simulation I want to add attributes to a controller to give freedom to animate the excitation values. This way the contractions can become more equal to real life. 

Body rig - WIP

Model by Nico Sanghrajka

This is a WIP of an advanced body rig I'm working on. Every deformation is done by skinning, blendshapes still need to be added! 

Autorigger Script: Python for Maya

Model by Yahia Erraddahi.

This was my first big script that I made to learn Python for Maya. I tried to put in as many choices and as many 'more advanced' rigging techniques.

Oustide Toilet - Destruction

Everything in this project was made using Houdini. I started with modelling the house then fracturing it and then I made the simulation set-up to destruct it. This was my first time making a destruction simulation using Houdini. The render of the little house was made using Maya.


This is a little project I made to combine some of my skills. It's a little snow groomer modelled after a Prinoth Bison X that cleans the area!

Model made with 3ds Max. Rigging, animation, lighting, materials and rendering was all done using Maya. The compositing was made with Fusion 8. The Final editing was done in Adobe Premiere.

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