Realtime Production & Level Design Projects

Realtime Production & Level Design Projects

Oliver Rotter
by OliverRotter on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My rookie entry consists of two projects: Geonosis Risis - A short cinematic shot inspired by Star Wars Episode II and SW Battlefront 2 Geonosis Map. Done in UE5 Early Access and Da Vinci Resolve. Utah Beach - Creating an iconic WW2 map inspired by games like Battlefield, Red Orchesta and Hell let loose.

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Geonosis Rises - UE5 Early Access - Star Wars Fan Art 

The goal with this was to get familiar with Unreal Engine 5 and create a memorable Star Wars-inspired Fan Art. 
I especially set a focus on getting the composition, as well as the details in the lighting and animation right. For the still image, I choose to add black bars to give it a feeling like watching the Episode II movie back then in the format. 


A war is raging on Geonosis in the early morning, a lone Scout Clone Trooper is detecting a marching Clone Army right from the factory to the lines of the Republic Clone Army. The air is tense and you can see through the distance that the cold of the desert night will soon transition to a bitter heat. 

Utah Beach - Level Design - Unreal Engine (Work in Progress)

The goal with this Project is to create a level with gameplay inspired by the "Battlefield", "Red Orchestra" and "Hell let loose" franchise. 

The map is designed to be able to support various game modes, from Conquest, Breakthrough, and Rush to Team Deathmatch. 

The process so far:

Creating concept
FPS Prototype
Level Design layout
Rough Blockout
Creating and sculpting landscape
Adding textures and assets
Refining documents 

Metrics Sheet

Level Gym

Sketches of the beach area. Firelines, cover zones, and advancing routes. 

Left, Middle, and right beach section

A view Shots from the map (Work in Progress)

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