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Luu Quoc Thai
by lyolo on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A shape-shifting, interactive nature experience StarGazers is an interactive experience that allows players to explore a magical forest from the perspective of three different creatures. A mind-bending ‘Alice in wonderland’ troupe experience where the user journeys through an enchanted forest that isn’t what it seems

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Short Trailer

Assets used


Tech breakdown

All the scene rendered in the game has no lighting. All of shadow/highlight details were made through shader, so that we can save performance and have a stylized look.

Graphics for tutorial

Design Concept

Check out the game here:

Full Trailer

All members: 

Khushi Bhatt , Grace Bowman, Thai Luu, Yash Patel, Alex Clark, Andrea Castro, Handley Shelton, Phoenix hunt, Adam Voight, Michael Cormican, Max Bledsoe, Leo Mancini, Gerard Hough, Alex Arendas, Joseph Litchfield, Cecil Leuziner, Hayley Phillips, Spencer Ritchey, Adam Karwoski, Jesse Fazzini.

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