Eternal Guardian: Forbidden Portals | Cove of Lozdrog

Eternal Guardian: Forbidden Portals | Cove of Lozdrog

by carlossuarez on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Cove of Lozdrog is a dark, cold and humid place where the worst evils are hidden. Are you willing to go in and find out what's in there?

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New Lighting Composition Adjustment | Real-Time Lapse Gameplay Footage | No Bake Lights | Dynamic Lights | Lumen | Day/Night Cycle | World Temp/Weather Effects | Unreal Engine 5.0.2

Enjoy it…!!

My name is Carlos Suarez I’m 3D Modeler and Environment Artist. I start using Unreal Engine 2 years ago. Since then I’ve been working in my own videogame Called: Eternal Guardian Forbidden Portals. Upgrading my project to Unreal Engine 5 it has given a boost to the visual quality and performance.

Creating real-time lighting for a video game is quite a challenge. In an Open World Game you can go wherever you want and look anywhere, so it is essential that the Level Design and the environment looks good at all times. For this I’ve had to collect hundreds of images and videos of nature and use them as references, spending hours of observation and study.

I’ve worked on my own photogrammetry equipment, specifically to be used for my Landscape Shader Material. To build my World I used High Resolution Heightmap Data, then I import into Unreal to create a Landscape with a resolution of 1 pixel per meter. To simulate Cloth Physic I use the new Chaos Physics system that allow me to increase collision support per cloth upon 32 spheres, additional wrap deformer with increased influence quality and take advantage of the Full Cloth LOD support that brings with this new features. To place foliage, I used a Procedural Technique based on the Slope Angle of the Terrain and Layering Seed Distance.

About Lighting, I decided use Ultra Dynamic Sky as my main source of light because is a flexible dynamic sky system with several customization options. One of the features that helped me choose this lighting method is mainly two things: A function called “Get Calculate Temperature” which allows subtracting information from the global temperature which is linked to a full weather system, Ultra Dynamic Weather, which adds rain, snow, lightning, and more to your scene in seconds.

When combined with the new UE5 Lumen Reflection Method I was able to set this up in a very few steps and achieve a visual quality BetterLightThanNever…!!

Credits to sourced content:

I want to thanks Epic Games for letting me use the Unreal Engine for free which is fabulous.

I want to thank God for giving me patience, intelligence and enlightenment in the difficult moments that I’ve gone through on this journey.

UE Marketplace Assets, Plugins & Blueprints used:

Riding System in Blueprints (Multiplayer)

Horse Sounds Pro

Dragon IK

Power IK

Advance Locomotion System V4 (ALSV4)

Blender Foundation ver2.92

Reallusion Products (CC3.4-SkinGen / iClone v7.92-Curve Editor / 3DXchange)

Marvelous Designer

TerreSculptor 2.0

Ultimate Medieval Weapons Package / 300+ variations

Ultra Dynamic Sky

Procedural Forest

Nature Ambience SFX Pack

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