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Concept Art Collection

Concept Art Collection

by Mondpanther on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A collection of the work I've done in the past year or so. Enjoy :)

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Cirilha, a character that is inspired by the world of Brian Froud, specifically the Movie "Labyrinth". She lives in the forest, keeping the nature and the wildlife safe from intruders. People who enter the forest rarely return, and the ones that do, only incoherently ramble on about "the keeper"...


A Botanist who lives in a society that has fled underground after the surface of the earth has become inhabitable. Due to the depths emitting poisonous gases, a mask is required at all times.

The Jester - Props

The traveling Jester performs for an audience of rich merchants, noblemen, kings and queens. They laugh at her jokes, and listen to the gentle sounds of her lyre. But as soon as the performance ends, some might find their watch missing, or their diamond collar. And a legend says: If you wake up at midnight from the sound of bells ringing; your end might be near.

Audience with the Queen

The Queen Bee- while not physically dangerous, she's arrogant and powerful enough to make you regret ever crossing her.

Mushroom Home

A little mushroom house in the swamp. Who might live there?

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