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Noelle Apolinario's Portfolio

Noelle Apolinario's Portfolio

Noelle Apolinario
by noelleapolinario on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, my name is Noelle Apolinario! I want to be a character designer and costume designer for film and video games. I am self-taught and have been working towards a career in art for 3 years after foregoing a career in Nursing. Outside of art I like gardening, rock climbing, and baking cookies.

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The Blood Maiden Priestess Project

Ideation Process

The Blood Sisters - 

One important aspect I wanted to include in concept with the Priestess's character is perhaps with who she is and her position in her society that she would be constantly followed by helpers/ assistants/ handmaidens who dote on her every whim. I had discovered something called Pink Sisters in the Catholic community a bit ago and found that they were so devout that they never leaved the convent. So I wanted to make a character similar to that level of devotion. I also thought that the idea of identity is what makes characters stand out and I wanted them to all conform to one look to show they don't have an identity, as their only purpose is to serve the high priestess and their religion.

Original First Pass at Concept - I originally thought white and gold would be a better look, but realized that it felt far too jovial. I wanted something grimmer and found that red felt more sinister.

Original sketches for older concept. Explored both a female and male version.

Black Cat MCU Fanart Project

Black Cat Process 

1970's Murder Mystery TV Show Idea


Female character would be the leader of the group and keep up with the fashion of the time. I wanted to convey a confident and bossy attitude in her design.

Nerd character would be the brains of the group. Took inspiration from DND players from the 1970's and made clothes ill-fitting or oversized to show lack of awareness of what may look good on his lanky body type.

Jock character is the muscle of the group. Wanted to convey the sportiness, but also a youthful boyish demeanor. 

Turtle People Concept Sketches

I wanted to challenge myself to create a world of people that revolved around worshipping turtles. I imagined the community's main diet was through fishing and did concepts on different types of fishermen. I thought fishermen that used birds to help them fish was an interesting concept and integrated that into my designs.

I also did some sketch designs on shaman figures in the community. I imagined they had a strong voice amongst their people and were seen as royalty. 

Cyberpunk Project 

Came up with the idea that a bunch of girls existed in a cyberpunk universe and battled one another. These were some of the initial paintups.

The Witcher Bard Concept

There's a bard in the Witcher books that Geralt meets along his journey. There wasn't a concept made of her so I decided to do some designs. I wanted to make sure that the sassiness of the character shined through this look. I was also keen on making her instrument unique and recognizable. The design on her lute has mermaids, which I found to be symbolic of her life near the sea where Geralt meets her.

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