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My first steps in Unreal Engine

My first steps in Unreal Engine

Francisco Javier Ortega Quesada
by Pacoquesada on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

In this year I have dedicated all my efforts to learn Unreal Engine, an incredible adventure in an exciting world. Hand in hand with Butic The New School my path has gone from the beginning of modeling

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Lorena House

This house built a few years ago in Puebla, Mexico caught my attention for its small nods to the wonderful architecture of Luis Barragan. Simple volumes that blend together to make the building a small puzzle of pieces that create spaces that invite us to relax and rest, distancing and protecting us from the noise, the weather and the stress of the outside. The play of natural light is another of the fundamental pieces, zenithal light, openings between the volumes that make the interior play continuously with natural light 24 hours a day.

Casa Lorena is an example of not needing big budgets, nor banal elements or absurd materials that do not contribute anything to the house or the planet. Traditional and natural materials are the great luxuries of this wonderful house.
Several of the objects have been modeled and then textured in Substance Painter. 
In addition to modeling the house including the furniture designed for the house, I have modeled a scenic environment inspired by elements in the area where the house is located.
Lots of images, right? That's one of the great wonders of Unreal Engine, to be able to make images even last minute changes and corrections in time.
The following screenshots are about the project.
And as my teacher says order, lots of order and more order, ORDER is the basis of a good work in Unreal Engine.

The next projects are scenes modeled in 3D Max and rendered in Vray from my first steps in the world of archvitz

My version of the Chapel of Henry VII 

A project with which I learned to model and render and work with Vray, a project that I am very fond of, with which I enjoyed a lot doing it and that brought me so many good things and of course a project where I learned that modeling is one of my great passions.
The following projects are some scenes rendered in Vray that says a lot about my projections as an interior designer.
Two more small projects that say a lot about me. The first one as a critique to the environmental impact and the second one as an exotic bath that alludes my passion for traveling.

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