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Learning to model for videogames

Learning to model for videogames

Iván Guardia Martínez
by niceguardian on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey! I'm Ivan, a 24 year old guy from Spain finishing his master degree in 3D at Florida Universitaria. I started taking 3D modeling seriously around a year ago and I've fallen in love with the process of creating props and environments for video games.

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One of the first projects, where I learnt the basics of hardsurface Modeling and PBR texturing. This simple scene that contains the two main hero assets was intended to evoke the ambient of an old bar.

The modeling was done completely on 3dsMax and the textures were made from scratch on Substance Painter. The lighter has around 3,2k tris, uses a 4k texture and both models have LODs as well as versions with optimized geometry and textures for use as environment props.

This morion styled helmet is inspired by the game New World. The project was planned to be completed in a week and was completed in less than 30 hours.

The model has around 3.9k tris and uses a single 2k texture. One of the main hardships of this project was managing to get clear engravings using the lowest resolution possible and it was achieved thanks to techniques such as using symmetry of texture and reducing texel density on parts that would nor be seen as much.

The corridor is based on one of Albert Urmanov concept arts. It was initially done in unreal 4 and then ported to unreal 5 and was a great introduction to game engines.

The project was created with the intention of developing skills for environment modeling. Such as the use of modular pieces and the use of custom normals to create a smooth feeling.

Here techniques for texturing environments are also used. Like tileable materials with vertex paint to add variation and the use of trims and decals that allow to create details with less impact on texture needs.

Last in this post is an AKM, still a work in progress but I love the results so far. It has a total of around 12k tris and uses a 4k texture for the main body and a smaller 2k for the wooden parts.

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