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Cozy Stylized Environments

Cozy Stylized Environments

Jacqueline Kik
by defaultbrush on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

3D Environments I made during the last year. It has been great getting into 3D, diving deeper into UE, developing my PBR workflow as I am learning, and bringing my concepts to life.

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Hi all! My name is Jacky, I'm 26 and live in Germany. I'm currently in my last year of studying Game Art at Cologne Game Lab. Coming from a 2D concept art background, I am doing 3D since around 1 and a half years.

Stylized Spring Scene

I made this "Stylized Spring Scene" in UE in order to prepare a grass shader for future projects. I wanted to create a cozy little field to showcase my shader and a few rock and foilage assets I had made!

I made the foilage assets in 3dsMax. Baking and Texturing was done in Substance 3D Painter and Designer.

I had been researching grass shaders for a while and combined my findings here. This was with the help of PrismaticaDev's, Christian Sparks' and WACOMalt's breakdowns. The motion in the plants through PrismaticaDev as well. Wind and leaf particles are from Rimaye. I'm incredibly grateful for their great breakdowns.

Here is the moss vertex painting I set up for this scene:

In my grass shader, the wind texture, speed, intensity and colors are all controllable parameters:

The plant's wind bending direction and intensity can be changed for the foilage as well:

Bakery & Home

This was one of the first projects I created in 3D. I had made the 2D concept for this little cozy bakery a year prior, and finally got around to realizing it in 3D. I modeled in Blender and textured with Substance 3D Painter. Materials were done in Substance 3D Designer. My renders are done in Unreal, and you can give it a spin yourself on Sketchfab.

Here is my initial 2D concept:

Vintage Gas Station (WIP)

This UE5 project is still a work in progress, recently completed to this stage for a uni assignment. It was our task to flesh out a self-made concept from scratch, with given themes (mine was gas station).

I wanted to create a cozy late-afternoon feeling in a rustic shop for the viewer to explore. Vintage gas station around the world were my inspiration for this, as well as cats walking through my classmate's webcams during class :) The modeling was done in Blender, sculpting in ZBrush, texturing in Substance 3D Painter, and materials in Substance 3D Designer.

For the wood pattern, 3dEx's Barn Wall was a helpful inspiration.

Many thanks to Maria Eom, Sophie Stübinger and my other classmates for their helpful feedback and guidance during this project. I hope I can improve on it even more and polish it soon!

Sunny Trail

And last but not least, I'd like to share a little hiking trail I made in UE5, in order to test out the new version and try out some tree techniques.

I had seen this technqiue for the leafs by Fabian Lopez Arosa and Thomas Hooke, and wanted to give it a try myself: I scattered the leafs with the particle system in Blender and then copied the normal information of an Icosphere. Further, George Cutler gave me a great Subsurface Scattering Fresnel tip for UE. The falling leafs were made with a tutorial by Rimaye. Thank you all!

For the cliffs, I used a stone sculpt I had made during The Club's Discord rock sculpting challenge in january, blended with moss vertex color painting and grass meshes on top:

During my journey, I learned how important and incredibly helpful this community is. I am excited to learn more from the amazing artists around me and to expand my skills from here.

Thank you so much for reading :)

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