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Maélis Levastre - Concept art & Illustration 2022

Maélis Levastre - Concept art & Illustration 2022

Maélis Levastre
by Lezria on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Right in time to participate this year! Welcome to my portfolio and I hope you will enjoy the work I have done those last two years :)

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A tiny people's village called the Tchùkuns are blessed with the visit of the fish spirit, which heralds a good season of fishing.

I adored playing with various vegetations and tints of blue creating this image! As well as creating a background story for those tiny cute creatures!
I made this image during a Florian Coudray masterclass.

An RPG game I had the opportunity to work on this year with a wonderful team. My role in this project was concept artist and character artist!
Game Artists : Alyssia Galleze / Coline Muller / Camille Boucher / Antonin Robinot / Eve-Anne Carton / Romane Weiss / Andreas Timoteo Bannis / Charlotte Clement
Game Designers : Hugo Koenig / Victor Durel / Lisa Jaugey / Romain Guillome / Clément Coquide / Zineddine Nouari
Game Designers & Programming : Jean Juilliard / Chakib Benssoum / Leonard Fetis / Guillaume Hitier

A set of different characters I made throughout the year.

Some experimentations made during this year and the last!

Thank you!

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