Collection of Simulations and Technical Projects

Collection of Simulations and Technical Projects

Anse Vandevelde
by ansevandevelde on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I am Anse Vandevelde, a student at Digital Arts and Entertainment. In the past year, I worked on several simulations and technical projects. This is a collection of all of them.

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Destruction Project

I just finished this destruction scene. I was very excited to start working on this because I love seeing these types of scenes in movies and I also got to look into the basics of pyro in Houdini. 

WIP | Sand Simulation

I started looking into vellum grains after learning particle simulations. I saw that sand could be made with grains, so I got the idea to make BB-8 and let him go through sand.

While I'm mostly interested in simulations, I still enjoy modeling and texturing. So I decided to make the model myself.

Film Projects - A Nature Walk

I recently finished this group project with 4 other DAE students, Anne Dolmans, Liana D'Hollander, Claudio Mateo Molina and Tim Van Wassenhove. I was responsible for the growing plants that pop up behind the characters and for the rig for both characters.

The sim is a combination of a simple lsystem and blendshapes to make the plants grow.

Food Simulations

The idea was to integrate food into simulations, using fluid, vellum or particles.

Landscape Generator - Python Script

Besides making simulations and working in Houdini, I also enjoy programming and problem-solving. Because of that, I loved working on this project. I tried to add as much functionality as I could in the period I had.

You can make a variety of landscapes by changing the base, details, and top parameters while also changing the colors. If you have a custom height map, you can use that as a base. There is also the possibility to make your own presets and save them to reuse later.

Procedural Tower

This is another more technical project I enjoyed working on due to the combination of problem-solving, some simple math and programming.

You can make the towers shown in the reference picture below and everything in between.

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