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3D Environment Artist for Games - Camille Meehan

3D Environment Artist for Games - Camille Meehan

Camille Meehan
by CamilleMeehan on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Armed with a formidable mix of graphic design, marketing, art fundamentals, and scrappy grit I'm determined to seize my passion, creating art for games! Below you'll see the culmination of my first year's study in 3D! I'm delighted you stopped by.

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Train car for a rollercoaster based on the famous wooden coaster cars by Philidelphia Toboggan Company. I created all stages of this piece, initial sketches, 3D modeling in Blender, baking high to low in Marmoset, and texturing in Substance Painter.

My 3D model of Yuliya Belaya's magical, hungry concept. I used creasing, studio pipelines, working from a 2d concept, and the great topology guidance of Pixar CG artist and 3D modeler Vidya Vinnakota. The wand was is the result of twisting and extruding faces along a path, as well as manual creasing and adjustments. The delicately curling vines were formed by extruding faces along a curve. 

Modeled in Maya and rendered in Arnold. I also brought the FBX into Unreal Engine 5 and used Nanite and Lumen to create a real-time render.

I textured this Imperial Guard bot for a fictional royal family in a Solarpunk world. I wanted it to be ostentatious, yet menacing, while still being the sort of bot one would not be completely surprised to find at the right hand of the heir to the throne. The bot would guard them as they enjoyed themselves in their domed pleasure garden as often as they were out attending their diplomatic duties.

I created the main materials used for the bot in Substance Designer. I textured the bot in Substance Painter and painted in height map details there as well. My main challenge was adding the graphic embossing on the mask and keeping the colors similar to what I imagined in my reworking of the original concept.

Ben Keeling, my instructor for the class at CGMA modeled the robot mesh, created the mesh maps, and provided invaluable guidance to me as I learned. 

Meet Pokey the Owlbot. She's a cute little bot about 4 feet tall, shiny new but eager to help weed the garden, fix the irrigation system, and even water the cat! Don't let her adventures with wet felines fool you, she's bright and learning more every day. Soon she'll graduate from bot kindergarten and advance to caring for a food forest near you!

Pokey the Owlbot was modeled, textured, rigged, and rendered in Maya. This was from my CGMA Intro to Maya class where we learned everything from modeling to MASH. My instructor David Mooy really encouraged my effort to make this bot a little different.

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