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For the journey ahead

For the journey ahead

Fredrik Ahlqvist
by Ahlqviz on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

With an early interest for creative making that have turned into a life long path I´m excited to share with you a curation of my work from my first year at YRGO. That I hope to be the beginning of a long exciting journey.

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As an architect, architecture was for me not merely a creative pursuit. But an opportunity through the medium of space, allow for people to create their own stories and memories. The wish of being able to envision the qualities of those moments in time, made my decision to pursue visualisation at YRGO one of the easiest I have made!

Through the years I have gained a wide skill set in everything from carpentry, painting to 3d modeling and post production. Despite the variety, what connects them all is the attention to details and my continuous strive to do my utmost.

Canary Wharf Christmas

This project was set out to be simulating a real life project in collaboration with Assembly Studios, who took on the role of the client that expected you to envision the potential of their project. While remaining true to that vision from the regular check-ins to the final delivered image.

The actual project is an extension of the existing skyscraper that are a part of the larger vision for the area as a center for a diverse after work social life. Therefore I set out to hone in one the core of the project by using existing framing elements, while working with a Christmas based theme based on the local Christmas by the river event. Utilizing contrasting cool materials with warm emitting lights.

Due to camera angle the project required extensive 3d modelling to create the context of the wharf together with the proposed concept.

Software used: 3DS Max // Corona render // Forest Pack // Sini // Parallax // Photoshop


To create a better understanding for a efficient workflow in both photoshop and 3D this brief was shaped to challenge ourselves by only using a very simple 3d model and instead relying on matte painting to bring the concept to life within 3 days. For my concept I was inspired by the open landscapes of Scotland as well as the architecture blend of old ruins that sets the foundation for a more contemporary architecture to sprout from.

With this in mind I created 3 seasonal concepts where the jury voted for a Fall season that allowed for a vivid colour pallet. While the changing open landscape of Scotland presented the opportunity to create dynamic contrast through the weather.

In the process I allowed the landscape to inform the size of the canvas to eventually grow into a 6k painting. 

Software used: 3DS Max // Photoshop


The assignment was from the base of AutoCAD drawings model an entire villa to visualise. I got to honor to bring the architect Peo Anderssons villa to life, while also some liberty in the architecture detailing as the available digital material was limited. With the emphasize on 3D in opposite to the matte painting project.

Therefore the entire scenery is built up by forest packs to establish a fitting context that are true to the vision established by the architect. In this case the coastal regions of the West Coast of Sweden.

Software used: 3DS Max // Corona render // Forest pack // Illustrator // Rail clone // Photoshop


The brief was formulated to as a part of the team develop a proposal for a hotel concept in a designated location. In my group we took on the emerging metropolitan tourist city of Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. As a part of the challenge we took on 3 individual rooms that needed to be readable as if the same artist could have produced them.

The vision for the concept was to provide something beyond the commercial traps that many international hotels fall into where they lose the uniqueness of the location. With this in mind we set out to create an atmosphere for the hotel that would attract guests worldwide while still paying homage to the local culture. 

With my background as an architect I had a particular interest in the heritage of the architecture, and into pin pointing the unique qualities of the regional architecture as well as what have influenced and shaped it through the eras.

Software used: 3DS Max // Corona render // Illustrator // Photoshop


Tasked to model a design chair I fell for Space Copenhagen´s design as the form language was classical yet modern. Simple yet elegant, where the challenge became the attention to details whilst accurately depict textures on organic shapes.

Software used: 3DS Max // Corona render // Photoshop


The project began by searching for a add with a housing unit in dire need of renovation in order to reach its fullest potential.  I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this gem in the popular town of Simrishamn at the southeast coast of Sweden. With an asking price of 10 000 000 kr it was clear from the get go that it would not be a low budget option. Instead the challenge became balancing the role of visualiser and the role of an architect by  creating a concept that brings out the qualities that are already there just underneath the surface.

Software used: 3DS Max // Corona render // Photoshop


Kicking of the first year with a quick project to create a collage to get to know everyone in the class while implementing the photoshop knowledge we had acquired during the weeks before that. My concept is based on telling my story as a creative raised on the west coast of Sweden. To over time cultivate an early interest for creative making into a life path during a gap year in the US that lead me through architecture school and into the field of archviz.

Software used: Photoshop

Thank  you for following me along on this journey, and I am looking forward to share with you what is coming further down the road!

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