The Magic of Fire

The Magic of Fire

by HectorMcCredie on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I heard about the RookieAwards about 10 days ago. But I still decided to create what I could while balancing school. So I created a short to display my current abilities in general character animation, lighting, and smoke/fire simulations. And using free sound effects in premiere pro to break the silence.

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The images below are screenshots of my viewports as I was working on them, once I got a good bake for my flame as seen in my first screenshot, I then needed to play with what I imagined my scene to be. I ended up using railings to add some depth to my shot, as without them it felt too open of a space.

The slider shows the progression between the viewport display then the material view which shows the raw procedural materials made from Blenders Node System, and the flame may seem smaller in the second image but that is only because that is the material of the smoke sim without the lighting. Then there is the final render with all the lighting applied.

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