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KULAROS - UE4 Game Project

KULAROS - UE4 Game Project

KULAROS is a third-person sci-fi stealth-shooter in which the player is tasked with overthrowing an oppressive military regime. In this functional, playable demo, the player is tasked with descending into the depths of an asteroid city to disrupt the mining supply chains of the empire.

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Felix Hughes - Environment Art

Maxine Lugg - Character Art

Zuzana Remenarova - Character and Environment Art, Graphic Design

Billy Gray - Tech Art

Maxine Lugg - Concept Art

Core Team:

Environment Art by Felix Hughes

Character Art  (Main character, female NPC) and concept art done by Maxine Lugg

Character Art (Guard NPC) done by Zuzana Remenarova

Tech Art by Billy Gray


Lloyd Hickman - Animation

Dan Field - Environment Art

Oliver Lugg - Music

Third Party Assets:

Industry Props Pack 6 by SilverTm

Construction Site Vol. 1 by Dekogon Studios

Space HDR by Benedikt Engelhard

Megascans - Debris Trash Vol. 1 by Quixel Megascans

Orni Typeface by BRID agency

Elevator sound effects from All Sounds

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