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Zu Yati's 2022 Motion Reel! (Updated)

Zu Yati's 2022 Motion Reel! (Updated)

Zu Yati Soe
by ZUYATI on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello! I am Zu Yati. If you're reading,I hope you enjoy your time in my creative space. Have an amazing stay!

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Hello! I am Zu Yati.

Below are some of my best works that I did during my groundbreaking years at NYP SDM. If you're reading this, I hope you enjoy your time in my creative space while you are here. Have an amazing stay!

NBA Visualiser

These are two sets of style frames that I have curated for a mock-up brief that revolved around NBA ESPN. I was given a limited time frame and with each set, I experimented with different mood and styles to bring out the NBA's full glory. In my own time, I strung them together to animate and formed this visualiser. 

NBA Style Frames: Set 1

NBA Style Frames: Set 2

NBA Visualiser's video

FYP: Suntec Singapore's Christmas Greeting

This is my Final Year Project that I did in my 3rd year with 9 other amazingly talented team mates of mine! The FYP revolved around creating a 3D Christmas Greeting video for Suntec Singapore and it was to be shown on their The Big Picture screen during Christmas season! The theme of the video was to evoke the nostalgia of Singapore through the festive spirit. Hence we made use of famous landmarks in Singapore and brought life to the things that truly reflects the Singapore spirit.

I was appointed the Art Director to lead the project for 3 months. I led the team in art direction, storyline as well as the composition of frames. I came up with the storyline with the help of two teammates,  Goh Xsinjoo & Alexis Lim. I solely focused on the art direction, constructing the storyline, storyboarding and composed 2 frames in the entire video

The modelings in the video were done by the entire team effort but the main people that really focused on it were Tang Shi Ting, Luke Lee, Gavin Lee, Suaidi Suhaimi, Renae Koh and Ong Yi Jie.

In the above frames, I composed the last two frames ( Modern & End Frame). The first 3 frames were composed respectively; first frame (Residential) by Alexis Lim & Timothy Koh, second frame (Underground Playground) by Timothy Koh, third frame (Traditional) by Goh Xsinjoo. 

The Endframe typography "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" was designed by Renae Koh.

The music in the video was edited by Alexis Lim using royalty free music and SFX. The animation for this video was done respectively; Residential frame was animated by Suaidi Suhaimi, Underground Playground frame was animated by Timothy Koh, Traditional frame was animated by Ong Yi Jie, Modern frame was animated by Suaidi Suhaimi and lastly, End frame was animated by Luke Lee and Goh Xsinjoo. The names for the credits on the scrolls in the Endframe were done by Tang Shi Ting.

For the rendering process, it was the team effort of Suaidi Suhaimi, Timothy Koh, Ong Yi jie and me that managed the entire rendering. I mainly helped monitor the progress of the rendering scenes to check for any animation errors while the other 3 were the ones who rendered the scenes.

The final post-production of the video was done by Suaidi Suhaimi.

FYP: Suntec Singapore's Christmas Greeting video

BLUSH! - Samsung S21 Styleframes

These are a set of style frames that I did for a mock-up brief on Samsung S21. As there were several USPs to hit for this brief, I approached a refreshing illustrative art direction and drew references to convey the USPs so that it has character and an element of fun attached to it! I named this piece "Blush!" mainly because it is just super blush-y in colour and it sounded like a perfect fit!

Maki-San: Food For Fun!

As part of my school module called "Independent Project Work" (INDPRJ), I were tasked with an assignment to contact any company of my choice outside of school to work on a PRO-BONO project. The point of this module and assignment was to see my capabilities in handling a full scale project by ourselves outside of school. 

I contacted Maki-San, a local Japanese sushi food chain in Singapore and they agreed. During this PRO-BONO project, I did a creative video for them on their menu and ingredients to highlight their slogan "Food For Fun".

Maki-San : Food For Fun's video

Experimental Film :  A Dream Beyond!

This is an experimental film that I did with a teammate, Timothy Koh, as part of our Ex-Film module assignment in school. "The Dream Beyond" was meant to figuratively capture the statement, "Grass is greener on the other side". The piece was meant to be shown as a projection on a door, where we wanted to imply that on the other side of the door, life can be so much more interesting and fun. Life can be mundane and repetitive but if you take the step forward and open the door, opportunities awaits you!

In this project, I focused solely on the Art Direction, storyline and the illustrations. I came up with storyline, did the storyboard and illustrated all the style frames in the video. My partner, Timothy Koh, animated the style frames on his part.

Experimental Film : The Dream Beyond!'s video

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