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Arcade Diorama

Arcade Diorama

Anna Riva
by annariva on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This was one of my final projects for my first semester at college, we were suppose to make a diorama so we could explore modeling, texturing and lighting.

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Arcade Diorama

This project started as two separated projects, first I modeled the robot and afterwards I created the arcade environment. My first attempt to combine both wasn't successful because I felt like they didn't match. The robot didn't look like he was part of the scene since he wasn't interacting with anything and I was also unsatisfied with the machines modeling.  

About 2 months later, I decided to work on this project again. I wanted to fit the robot in the scene so I came up the bar, inserting the robot as the arcade barista. Initially, with the lighting I wanted to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere, I tried keeping it colorful with neon lights to mimic an arcade, but I was too afraid to lose the mysterious aspect so I didn't add many lights. When I remade it I went in the opposite direction, adding a lot of lights with different colors creating a mix in the scene and alluding to the bright environment that an arcade is. After all I think that with this addition I was able to replicate an arcade atmosphere way better.  

This were some of my references to create this piece.

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