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Sci-Fi Cinematic Short Film - Tales of Akkretion S1E1

Sci-Fi Cinematic Short Film - Tales of Akkretion S1E1

by garrettwilliamstoh on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Sci-Fi Cinematic Short Film - Tales of Akkretion S1E1 Made with: Unity, Blender, Substance Painter, Premiere, After Effects, PureRef

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Tales of Akkretion S1E1 - Sci-Fi Cinematic

Tales of Akkretion is my cinematic video series based on my in-development game, Akkretion (formerly Droids Ships & Planets). This is a sci-fi animated short film set in our future solar system.

Making Of/VFX Breakdown

The mining ship was my "hero asset" for this cinematic. I was inspired a lot by ships in Space Engineers and No Man's Sky, although those are on a completely different level :D

Modeling: Blender

Texturing: Substance Painter

Rendering: Unity

My favorite, the live-action composite shot! With the lighting and camera angle planned in Unity beforehand, I shot some live-action footage on my phone with lighting, a green screen, and my miner uniform. Unfortunately, the green screen didn't work out so well, so I just rotoscoped myself and tracked the footage onto the digital footage from Unity. Finally, I added a bit of post-processing/color grading to composite the final shot.

Rotoscoping: Adobe After Effects

Compositing/Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

The Unity Game Engine is what I used to compose, animate, and render my shots, as well as do some simple VFX and Shaders. My Timeline consisted of mostly activation and animation tracks, nothing too fancy.


Software List

Garrett Williams




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