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Yvermai Tales - Fantasy Concept Art Project

Yvermai Tales - Fantasy Concept Art Project

Laura Malva
by lauramalva on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

The idea of Yvermai was born after trying to merge most of my class projects into one universe. I've always liked fantasy worlds, so I naturally gravitated towards the idea of creating my own universe with kingdoms, princes, magics, and eventual war, romance, treason. You know, normal girly stuff.

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Welcome to my project! Here's a showcase of fantasy concepts set to be in a magical land. 

Yvermai is a fictional empire divided into five kingdoms: Divitia —its capital—, Caligo, Suer-Porte, Fuerre-Tir, and the northernmost Adiat-Rus. It's this last one we're gonna be focusing on. 

Thumbnails & Process

Sylar was actually the foundation stone of this whole universe, as those (very rough) thumbnails were conceived in late 2021. He didn't even had a name then. 

Sylar is the Prince of the Adiat-Rus Kingdom. He's got a serious nature, it's very down-to-earth, and also, deep down, has a kind heart. 

Sylar's Gauntlet

It wouldn't be a Fantasy Universe if magic wasn't present, and in Yvermai's case, it can only be used by certain people. It's not exclusive to royalty, but rather to those who dedicate a good fraction of their time to learn the runes used to summon magic. It's not only the runes that are required, but also some kind of precious stone. Magic is quite the capricious force in Yvermai's world, and it's not inherent to people, it has to be cast and sort of "forged" into a precious stone; in Sylar's case, it's a delicate gauntlet made of gold and decorated with genuine pearls. 

Below are discarded designs (as they look more like something a punk teenager would wear, instead of a prince). 

Born in the Fuerre-Tir region, Nathan is enrolled into the Yvermati Army, though his real passion is exploring the wilds. He's a flirt by nature, though he keeps his real feelings hidden deep. Quite skilled at handling the axe, he hopes to only use his talent for wood-chopping purposes, and not war. 

Below are intial ideas from when he used to be much more of a ladies' man and also be in a much more annoying pose. 

Nathan's Axe

Made of cast iron, steel and gold, this axe was gifted to Nathan by the Adiati Royal Family. It was kind of hard to come up with a design that wasn't just a regular axe but neither something over-the-top that was beyond practical. 

Home for Sylar and his family, it was built on an artificial island on a big lake using volcanic stone, crystal and gold (because yes, royalty, they have homes made of gold). 

The idea for this palace has been evolving constantly and will surely keep doing so. I had thought of it being much smaller and made of ice (and it also kind of looked like a barn).  

Adiatian Palace Throne Room

A place where Sylar hopes to not sit on one day, but probably will. The Throne Room is designed to hold official ceremonies, meeting with other rulers and hearings. 

Bonus! - The Kitchen in the Palace 

Thank you for scrolling all the way to the bottom! I will keep working on this project, as I have already fallen in love with it. 

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