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Art is Never Finished and Neither is the Artist - Patrick Hanahan

Art is Never Finished and Neither is the Artist - Patrick Hanahan

Patrick Hanahan
by PatrickHanahan on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I aspire to be a Game Director, and I know that's a long journey. I hope you enjoy seeing the beginnings of that Journey!

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Suspended Animation

"Suspended Animation" is based on a 2D concept by artist Voodoo Val, shown on the second page.

This was my final for my Texturing and Shading 2 class with Anton Napierala and Tran Ma. It was also the first time I had used Substance Painter! To this day, I'm still really happy with the results of this project (although I see more than enough places for improvement), and I learned a lot not only about texturing, SubD modeling, storytelling, and lighting.

The Tower of Latria

This was my final for Environment for Games, taught by Nate Stephens, and based on a concept by Pavel Goloviy titled "Demon's Souls - Tower of Latria - Upper Latria". I came into this class believing I was committed to being a Character Artist for Games, and left with a newfound passion for Environments for Games. Thus, I consider this a huge turning point in my journey as an artist. This was also my first time using Substance Designer, taught by Forrest Stephan in Texturing and Shading for Games!

The Garden of Jörmungandr

This was my project for Game Creation 2 with Anton Napierala, based on a mixture of concepts by Aaron Florento and ZiYi Shen. I take a lot of pride in making everything I can from scratch, so this was a great opportunity to learn how to model and bake foliage using Maya and Substance Painter, and assembling foliage in SpeedTree. This was my most experimental piece, I dove into Houdini for the first time to generate rocks and clouds, and it was also my first time using SpeedTree (for foliage) and Gaea (for the heightmap). Stylistically, this was also another experiment, as I'd never taken on this sort of stylized-realism. There's still a lot to do, and I'm looking forward to revisiting this in Demo Reel!

HuangShan Mountains with Houdini

Houdini 1 with David Stripinis has been one of my favorite classes at Gnomon. I owe that to David Stripinis himself. This environment, while finished in Unreal Engine, was made almost entirely in Houdini. From geometry, to the heightmap, to the placement of every asset. Using what I had learned of SpeedTree, Designer, and Unreal up to this point, I was able to get this piece together!

Moon Knight Mk. 1

What started out as just the helmet for my Props and Weapons for Games Final with Sukru Gilman eventually grew into a whole project in itself. The helmet is made after a concept by John Cliff Alvarez, and after the class I designed the rest of a suit for my favorite comic book character, Moon Knight! After modeling and sculpting it, I've started to think this would work great in a in-game cinematic with game environment I also have in the works. It's a long ways from finished, but as for sculpting and modeling, I'm happy with where I've left him!

The current environment in-process for Moon Knight's Cinematic. It started in my Game Creation 1 class and I'm looking forward to revisiting it with everything I've learned so far.

... so what now?

I'm about to enter my last two terms at Gnomon, which means it's time to kick things into the highest gear. That means revisiting some old projects (including some you've seen here), finishing projects in the process right now, and starting some new stuff!

I'm currently writing and directing an in-game cinematic with a growing team of over twenty other Gnomon students! It's under the working title "Project Typhlotic" and I hope you look forward to seeing that and everything else I do!

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