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UMIKO - Environment Art

UMIKO - Environment Art

by MaximeLecas on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey ! That post is about the work I did for my school's project (New 3dge), UMIKO, as an environment artist. I was able to produce several props and do level art, from blockout to polishing. This was an awesome experience as I was working with such great teammates !

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Lavender Field

The first environment I will show you is the Lavender Field, a japanese cemetery with a solemn, cold mood.

Here is a diorama with some of the props I did for this environment.

Kappa Hill

The second biome is the Kappa Hills, a mountain once inhabited by kappas, an ancient civilisation now disappeared. It's pretty vertical and invaded by wildness.

My teammate François was responsible for the foliage, I sculpted an textured the trunks. It was pretty cool to do some handpainting !

Golden Garden

The Golden Garden is a quiet and sunny place, an ode to meditation. It is filled with traditionnal japanese structures, inspired by zen gardens and shinto's sanctuary.

Here is some food assets I made at the very beginning, to test how far we could go with an handpaint syle, we finally went on a more procedural texturing, mixing it with some hand painting.

I was also responsible for filling the landscape to make it less repetitive, so I had to create cliffs and roots kit, along with ground textures, made on designer.

It was an awesome year and an awesome project to work on, with such great teammates !

I would like to thank my team :
Mathieu Mechaussier, lighting artist / Thomas Corvée, FX artist / Gustave Besnard, Character artist / Aniss Laghsas, Tech artist / François 'Foliage' Larrieu, Foliage artist / Joe Rodrigues, Environment artist

Please make sure to check their post !

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