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Nicole Lin  Motion Design Portfolio

Nicole Lin Motion Design Portfolio

Nicole Lin
by nicolelinnn on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I’m a motion designer and animator from Taiwan, currently a graduate student at SCAD. Here is a collection of my favorite motion works so far. I love to play with characters and simple shapes and hide some humor spotlight in the stories. I hope you enjoy my work!

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Hi, I am Nicole!

I’m a first-year graduate student majoring in Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. I specialize in 2D animation and motion and love to tell stories through characters and motion graphics. 


This reel is a collection of my school project and some short animations I made in the previous self-study year that I would like to share with you!

Before Add in Cart

Before I decide to buy any ingredient, I will think about what dishes I can make with it. I'll imagine how it tastes and looks, and how can I make it delicious. This is the story that I exaggerate the process before adding shrimp into my shopping cart.

Title Sequence - SQUID GAME

The concept of this title sequence is to use the arrangement of geometric shapes and the color meaning in the series to express the hypocrisy and truth of human nature.


Modern life is fast-paced, and even a three-minute wait can make some people impatient. This is an animation about some Impatient time in my life.

Thanks for watching!

If you would like to see more or contact me


Instagram: @nicole_chunnn

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