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The learning continues.

The learning continues.

Francisco Sacristán García-Bueno
by Franciscosgb on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Works done during the first half of the architectural visualization course at School-ing.

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Apartment Kaptensgatan

Sweden, by Perspective Studio

Project chosen for the large number of signature pieces in a single space, in order to improve modeling skills, with a large part of the furniture.


First approach to the composition in computer graphics using cinematographic images as a reference and trying to provide them with a peculiar story.

Himmel House

Paraguay, by Bauen

First contact with outdoor projects, trying to relocate the unique "Himmel House" project, in a completely wild and vertiginous environment.

Project still in work process to achieve a wild environment, with its implementation on a cliff with a waterfall.

Sillón Toro 

Modelado del icónico sillón Bull, de Fisac ​​en colaboración con la marca española de muebles de los años 50, Darro. 

Exercise carried out, with the aim of being the most faithful and efficient to the pieces of this brand.

An attempt has been made to give the images the iconic graphic style, typical of the brand.

Next project

Work in progress.

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