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Explosive Love

Explosive Love

Alba Rodriguez Castell
by albarcastell on 20 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A lonely puffer fish falls in love with a sea mine.

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                                                                            -3D SHORT FILM-

                                                                            -2D ANIMATIC-


                                                          -Modeling and Rigging Breakdown-

                                                                       -Lighting Breakdown-


                     This is a short film done in 3 months by 6 students from Escape Studios.

- Alba Rodriguez: Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Animatic, Modeling, Rigging, 3D Layout, Animation, Lighting, Compositing, Music Design and Final Editing. 

- Julia Iglesis: Screenwriter, 3D Layout, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing.

- Noemie Lafrontiere: 3D Layout, Modeling, Animation, Lighting.

- Rohnak Sharma: Animation.

- Claudia Alcalde: Texturing, Credits.

- Iulineia Filip: Concept Art.

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