Jacqueline Köhnlein
by jacquelinekoehnlein on 20 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello everyone! This is my real time character that I did as one of my big projects while I was learning at PixlVisn. I hope you like it!

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This is the very first character I created. When I began searching for a reference, I already knew that I want to render it in Unreal, which seemed good as I already wanted to explore Unreal Engine.

I modeled this character in ZBrush and made the retopology in Maya. For the clothes I learned the basics of Marvelous Designer as I had seen many character Artists use it in their work.

The modeling part probably took the longest as this was the first more complicated model I ever did. The snakes were also really challenging as I wanted some of them to have their mouth open. The most time went into modeling the face as human anatomy was really challenging for me. I am still not 100% happy with the anatomy but I think that it turned out okay for my experience level.

I did the eyebrows and eyelashes in Houdini. I painted a few hair maps and set some guides, as I thought the original groom didn't look good. With the new groom it made her face softer and all in all better looking.

I made the textures in Substance Painter (the micro displacements in ZBrush) and the hairshader in Unreal. Plugging in the textures were a greater challenge than I expected because Unreal works so much different that Maya. But after a bit of research, I understood the basics and got everything to work. The hairshader was also a bit challenging but thankfully everything I needed to know was written in the Unreal documentation.

In the end I set up a scene and a few lights and rendered my medusa in real-time. 

Concept Art by: _Z eD_

If you'd like, check out my grooming project here or my demoreel!

Thank you!

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