Demo Student Reel - Luis Blanco

Demo Student Reel - Luis Blanco

Luis Blanco Peña
by calzimer on 17 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello there. This is my Demo Reel I made after I finish my Masters Degree in Animum.

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Hello there. This is my Student Demo reel of 2020-2021 that I did during my academic year in Animum

The scenes that are in the videos are the follow:

I am the Danger. Where I did the lighting, texturing, clothing and environment.

Vickery Attic: I had to create a nice light set up, as well as some composition with Nuke

Under the Bridge: A full environment.

Cunningham C4KR: Full model of this old gem.

And the last one. A small animation for the car we made. Full environment lighting and animation.

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