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3D Character Art

3D Character Art

Jordi Solanas Beltrán
by Solbel on 17 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I would like to show you my evolution and progression as a 3D character artist during my master degree at Animum Creativity Advanced School.

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Harbor Hunter

This is the first character created. Consists in a creature project for films and cinematics.

Highpoly screenshots in Zbrush.

Lowpoly mesh.

Based on the concept art by Andrew Mironov

Ginny Weasley - Stylized interpretation

Ginny Weasley in Quidditch gear from Harry potter. Second character project created for film and cinematics, but this time cartoon style.

Highpoly screenshots in Zbrush.

Lowpoly mesh.

This is a little composition realized in Photoshop. The quidditch pitch background is a screenshot from the game "Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery".

Based on the concept art by Michael Dashow

Cyberpunk girl - Real time character

This is my third and last character realized in the master degree. Has been the most challenging project so far as it was the first time I optimized a realtime character.

In order, the maps are: Albedo, Emissive, Metalness, Normal and Roughness.

Highpoly screenshots in Zbrush.

Lowpoly mesh.

Finally, I wanted to give life to the character with a few simple animations thanks to Mixamo.

The project it's based on this concept art from Nise Loftsteinn

I hope you like it and thanks for watching!

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