3D Environment & Prop Art 2021-2022

3D Environment & Prop Art 2021-2022

Josu Badillo Uriarte
by yoshuo on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This entry shows the projects made from 2021 and 2022 in Voxel School. Both projects were made as different environmets so I could experiment at lightning.

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Based on the concept from Michal Kus

This project was entirely modeled in 3ds Max and the details were sculpted in ZBrush.  I wanted to give it a magic-fantasy style, so I ended  up using Arnold to render it.

The concept was already amazing, but as I wanted to improve the overall atmosphere, I decided to go further by creating an environment and adding some magic-look lights.

The concept of this beedroom was made using one of the concepts from FZD school: https://fzdschool.com/galleries

This proyect was entirely modeled in 3ds Max and textured in substance painter. Unlike the previous one, all the details were made by textures. The idea was to make a cartoon-like models with a more realistic texturing. All the render and illumination were done in arnold.

As the room had cameras and spotlighs that  were pointing to a bed, I added some spy cameras to the scene so people could be caught when doing "spicy" things while the recording was in progress. 

To show the true essence to the bedroom, I added to the scene some highlighting colors.

Thank you for watching!

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