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A.R.D. (Alien Removal Division)

A.R.D. (Alien Removal Division)

Shane Breedveld
by EnchantedBeans on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

The invasion has started, the secret military research facility has fallen; leaving only chaos. As the only survivor, you must fight your way out of the military base against a horde of frantic aliens. A.R.D. is a FREE singleplayer first-person shooter made by students from Breda University now available on Steam!

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Download the game now on Steam by pressing: This Link

Alien Removal Division is a fast-paced, action-packed first-person shooter, set in a military research facility during the 1950s. The base has been overrun by aliens and you find yourself, as the only survivor, at the center of the invasion. Your escape will be challenging, but you’ll have an array of weapons and movement abilities to help you during your fight and on your getaway.


Use your parkour skillset to wall-run, double jump, and dash and make your way through the infested tunnels, missile silos, storage rooms, research labs, secret caves, and testing grounds that make up the military base.


You’ll encounter various enemies that vary from smaller insect-like crawlers to larger creatures, each with their own unique behavior and fighting tactics.


Engage in gory combat and discover the different options to destroy your enemies. Use your movement skills to stay agile against the aliens, fighting back using an arsenal of high-powered weapons that reward their unique purpose.

Weapons and Animations

The weapons their design and how the player interacts with them were key points in our development. To empower the player we created impactful and responsive weapons to truly invoke a sense of power.

The Assault Rifle - AR42

The Shotgun - RTJ12


With our game taking place in an underground research facility bunker we tried to create a space that visually represents that, whilst also allowing our players to move around combat and movement challenges freely using the high-mobility moveset that our fast-paced gameplay is built on.
(Using the sliders below the images you can see how our levels were iteratively developed.)

The Research Lab - Combat Encounter 3

The Bonewald - Time Trial Challenge

Flooded Room - Movement Challenge

The Sewers - Combat Encounter 1

Core Team


Shane Breedveld - Producer / Project Lead


Bernhard Altena - Lead Artist / Animator
Viktor Kamburov - Animator
Tiffany Jansen - Environment Artist
Tom Heesakkers - Prop / Environment Artist


Andrei Olenic - Lead Game Design / Technical Design
Jip Haas - Lead Level Design
Marloes De Graaf  - Level Design
Robin Jansen Eyken Sluyters - Level Design / QA Lead
Nigel Karten - Level Design
Luuk Sieberichs - UI / UX Design
Max Ossevoort - Technical Design / QA
Filip Shutov - Audio Design


Diana Calistru - Lead Programmer / Gameplay
Jordan de Jong - Gameplay / A.I.
Rick Rijkers - Tools / Generalist
Tristan van Veenhuizen -  Gameplay
Brian de Lange - Graphics / VFX
Davey Vermeeren - A.I.

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