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by vntms on 5 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

White is a full CGI 3D Animation Short Film. It takes inspiration from the inner world, what we see when we close our eyes...

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WHITE is a full CGI 3D Animation Short Film 

I was Director, Lighting Artist, Compositor, Effects Artist. I have designed the character Surfacing and the general appeal.

The story takes inspiration from our consciousness, the inner world, what we see when we close the eyes.

Another influence were the Seven Chakra. Every Chakra is connected with: a color, an element, a part of the human body, a principle,  some good or bad emotions, a period of our growing process...

1st Chakra: Red, Earth, Gravity, Self Preservation, Fear, Base of the spine, Form the mother womb until the first year of life.

Lighting - Compositing - Fog Simulation - 'Photon' Trail Effect

2nd Chakra: Orange, Water, Polarity, Self Gratification, Guilt, Abdomen/Lower Back/Genitals, From the 6th month until the 2nd year of life.

3rd Chakra: Yellow/Gold, Fire, Combustion, Ego, Shame, Stomach/Solar Plexus, from the 18th month until the 3rd year of life.

Lighting - Compositing - Dust Particles Effect

4th Chakra: Green, Air, Balance, Self Acceptance, Grief, Chest/Heart/Lung, from the 3rd until the 7th year of life.

Lighting, Compositing, Soil Surfacing, Roots Growing Effect

5th Chakra: Blue, Sound/Ether, Resonance, Personality Expression, Lies, Shoulders/Throat/Neck, from the 7th until the 12th year of life.

Lighting - Composting - Vocal Cords Effect

Lighting - Compositing - Rain Simulation - Drop/Camera Animation

6th Chakra: Indigo, Light, Enlightenment, Introspection, Illusion, Between the Eyes/Pineal Gland, from the 12th year of life

Lighting - Compositing - Stars Simulation

7th Chakra: Violet/White, Consciousness, Awareness, Self Knowledge, Attachment, Top of the Head/Crown, from Adulthood

Lighting - Compositing - Stars Simulation

Realistic CGI Landscape

Lighting - Compositing - Clouds Simulation - Sky Painting

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