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Lucile Fournié
by hoovybuddy, tristesire, and ulmwein on 2 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Odium is a graduation project done at New3dge school in 10 month (2020/2021). Six people worked on this game: Paul Bellier, Julien Benyahia, Lucile Fournié, Adrien Lemoine, Thibault Pasquer and Sebastien Pierre. More infos:

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God has banished Lucifer, the Morningstar from Heavens for opposing him. Out of vengeance, Lucifer came back and started the Holy war. After a long battle, St Michael wounded his enemy and forced him to fly back to Hell. But the archangel of Justice tracks him down to put an end to the Morningstar once and for all.

The project is a hunt accross Hell. A confrontation between blind devotion and free will. We visualized Lucifer's domain as an infinite salt desert : Beautiful, but deadly, with strong christian references. We wanted a color gradation during the journey, the red invades the screen as we move forward.

From the heavens, the archangel crashes in hell, through the roof of The Church of the Tares .

Standing up from his fall, there is a gigantic altar behind his back , with a big statue of the saint himself, giving a saving hand to a bunch of climbing beings

Its wings frames the very first view of his quest to annihilate the Lord of Hell.The symmetry of its disposition symbolizes the balance which refers to the Scales of Justice.

The Church has been built by the damned souls themselves, using the salt and their bodies to rise the walls.

Every part refers to the will of the souls to reach the sky again, and symbolizes their lost attempt. 

The Salt Desert surrounds the Church, It's an infinite white, and there is nothing but death. The red blood line is the only way that appears to the player.

St Michael tumbles accross a mirage, a vision of Lucifer stopping him. 

There is more damned souls here than previously, creating a scene of despair by the torments of their misery. The amount of blood has increased so much it saturated the salt's floor and became more liquid.

The path leads him to an immense scenery, a giant gate standing at its center.

The Gates are a monument to Lucifer’s glory. It tells the tale of Him rising against the Heavens with his army of fallen angels.

This is the only way to enter the center of Hell, the last kingdom of Lucifer : the Pandemonium

The red path leads into the heart of madness where blood turns into waterfalls, and where the geode’s shapes structured the titanic scale of the Pandemonium.

He still seats as a god on his throne, challenging St Michael one last time. Even in agony, his pride and desire for revenge predominate. His blood sinks at his feet and falls to a neverending lake. The birth of the red line.

St Michael arrives, his holy spear arises on his hand for the final battle. Their opposition drives the composition, and brings Justice against Free will

He is the Archangel of Justice, the Commander of the Holy Army. He is one of the most prestigious beings amongst the angels.

His Armor is highly decorated, adorned with gold and various religious symbols, representing his glorious side. 

His face, covered with a mask, is depicting his sense of blind and pure justice.

He is the lord of Hell, injured after his failed attempt to fight the heavens, he is now fleeing to his lair.

Visually, Lucifer is the ominous presence, corrupted by salt, only a glimpse of his former self can be perceived. His Wings and Halo are fossilized by salt, and are only a vestige of what they used to be.

His face is sealed in an ever expression of anger, reflecting all of his hatred towards the heavens, and deforming him in the process.

Prideful as he is, he tried to capture his once beauty by molding his face with gold, as he did all over the rest of himself to cover his, now dry and derformed, angel body.

They suffer in hell for eternity, wandering on the infinite salt desert. They were human once, but the salt corrupted and deformed them. The design of the Souls is based on Beksinski's paintings mix with dries mummies with many weird fingers melting with the anatomy beneath to create discomfort.

They appear to the player as lost souls, trying to reach him to get redemption, but they are condemned to stay here and suffer forever.

This project was made by a team of 6 people during 10 months (2020/2021):

- Paul BELLIER (Character artist)
- Julien BENHYAHIA (Character artist/Rig & Animations)
- Lucile FOURNIÉ (Environment artist/Cinematic)
- Adrien LEMOINE (Environment artist/Lighting)
- Thibault PASQUER (FX/Tech Art)
- Sebastien PIERRE (Character artist/Hair)

Thank you and if you want to know more about the making of Odium, please check our website:

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