Violette HUGUES - Concept Art  2022

Violette HUGUES - Concept Art 2022

Violette HUGUES
by violettehugues on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi ! I'm Violette, I'm a French student and I'm glad to share with you the work I've done during my last year of school :)

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Welcome !

Flee from the Sun is a personal project I've worked on for my final year at Bellecour Ecole.

It is a video game that is a reinterpretation of the Greek myth of Cassandra in a "Renaissance Fantasy" setting.

Cassandra is a young lady of 19 years old, who lives comfortably with her family in the land of Troy. One Day, yet similar to every other day, she has an encounter with the god - and king - Apollo, recently gone mad with grief. Just like the myth, he tries to rape her. Cassandra manages to flee but can't escape the divine curse placed on her, from now on she will be able to see the future accurately but no one will ever believe her.
The game begins here and will tell us the journey of Cassandra as she sets off to reach the capital Apollonia, where the king resides.

Here you can discorver 3 characters from the story : Cassandra, Apollo and le Chœur (/greek chorus)

Flee from the Sun - Environment Design

Here is the Daphne tree. The spirit trapped in the laurel is the one who will protect Cassandra as she flees from Apollo’s physical assault.

Cassandra's bedroom at her parent's house, visible at the beginning of the game

Apollonia, capital of the kingdom of Apollo

Apollo is a god who got bored living amongst gods. He came to reign as a king upon men and developed with in Apollonia culture and art to a point never seen before in the world. One day he fell in love with a human, Hyacinthos, and just as the myth, he killed him by pure accident. Since that day, Apollo has gone mad with grief and wants everyone in the kingdom to suffer along with him

The castle of Apollo excessively big to the point where it prevents homes below access to the sun. 
As the city is huge, I made several sketches (overviews and closes-up), to express the size and the various atmospheres of the different districts.

Due to Apollo's temper tantrums the city suffers greatly from a rise of inequality and poverty.

Even is a video game project developed with the Game design department of Bellecour Ecole on which I collaborated as an environment designer.
I was the artistic lead on this project along with Théo Lucchetti.

Othersight Studio is the amazing and truly talented team I had the pleasure to work with !

The game tells the story of a small character who returns to a planet on which lived an ancient civilization from which he was the descendant. However, this planet is unique and has 2 versions of itself: one covered by desert and one underwater. The goal of our protagonist is to heal this planet by moving from one side to another using portals powered by magic crystals.

Here are some proposals I made for different areas of the game.

The Hub is the main place of the game. I had to create buildings in a modular way to save time in the rest of the production

Game designers often gave me screenshots from Unity of the main areas of gameplay to paintover in order to give personality and context to the environment. It was an entertaining challenge to make these areas visually interesting while respecting the level design.

Illustration I created for promotional roll up

Personnal project : L'Exploration (/The Exploration)

In 1870, during the Industrial Revolution, a disease linked to the toxic fumes given off by the combustion of coal appeared in Europe. The Crown of England hears of a group of natives living in perfect harmony with poisonous volcanic gas that shares similar properties to the coal fumes breathed in by Europeans.

Here I'll show you a sample of different work and artistic styles I've accomplished during my bachelor.

Spirit of the Sea is a 2D animation short movie on wich I worked as character designer in collaboration with the 2D Animation department of Bellecour Ecole.

This is the story of Lisa, a young girl with a leg disability, living on a fishing island. She goes fishing every day on a cliff but on this particular day she will find herself facing a rather special catch.

Personal exercise where I redesigned the character Singed from League of Legends.
I thaught that the actual design of the champion wasn't working well accordingly to his backstory so here is my shot at redesigning the character.

Thank you for your time ! :)

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