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The Franken Priest Concept Art

The Franken Priest Concept Art

Ruan nel
by Marrowire on 19 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My first CG spectrum term project designing a machine that culminates my love for the Warhammer Mechanicus and a challenge too see what I am capable of now professionally training under Andrius Matijosius!

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A frankenpriest of my own creation inspired by warhammer

The concept stage, designing ideas mixing elements of gothic cathedrals and ideas of mechs and robots from Warhammer mechanics too fallout bots.

The building concept of the Frankenstein Priest finding a balance what feeling too explore and present if its made too be passive or aggressive.

The chosen design going for a more middle ground of passive and aggressive. Taking that morning star concept and rather using a censer that often appears in churches to emphasize the religious element.

Row 1: Designing and focusing in detail intensity of a natural light and unnatural light source coming from 2 directions

Row 2: Using 2 gradient maps to find a solid mix of color, assisting me greatly in developing the work as my colorblindness at times gets in the way.

Row 3: Final stage experimenting with a background going towards a cathedral theme but not add details that can create more of a distraction.

Differences in first background concept and final one

Final result

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