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Motion & Graphics Design

Motion & Graphics Design

SiJie Goh
by sijiegoh on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello, I am Sijie, a motion and graphic designer based in Singapore, who values thoughtful design and great storytelling. Also, a visual communicator that enjoys experimenting with different subjects and forms.

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2020 - 2021

The showreel showcases a compilation of my works from 2020 to 2021.

Software: Maxon Cinema4D, Maxon Redshift, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro.



A brand promo video for RIMOWA, highlighting the beauty of the Original Check In M Luggage. And to strengthen RIMOWA as a luxury luggage brand and the brand’s association with traveling.

The animation portrays the wonders of travel and timelessness through nature landscapes. When we think about travel, sceneries and cities come to mind. We decided to use nature landscapes to represent travel as nature to us, is timeless. Unlike architecture buildings where they get torn down and new ones get built, nature has always existed. Nature rejuvenates itself through the changing seasons and in the grand scheme of things, it remains unchanged. This to us reflects the RIMOWA brand. Through the brand’s history, they are known for their premium, well crafted luggages. They constantly innovate, improve and modernize their products, while keeping consistent and true to their heritage.

To a World Beyond is a journey of the RIMOWA luggage through different surrealistic nature landscapes, evoking the feeling of lightness and wonderment.

Team: Edwin Tan, Sijie Goh

Software: Maxon Cinema4D, Maxon Redshift, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator.



A promotional teaser for Netflix to introduce the Japanese psychological film, Homunculus.

The film is about Susumu Nokoshi, a homeless amnesiac, who awakens from an experimental medical procedure with the ability to see people’s innermost traumas.

The concept plays on the idea of illusion, portraying the distortion of sense, fogginess and unclear feeling of the main character. The concept also shows the state of confusion that he is in, teasing on the premise of the film. The overall mood is set to be in a suspenseful and monotonous tone, which brings out the narration of the film.

Software: Maxon Cinema4D, Maxon Redshift, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.



An identity package for the newly launched A24 Screening Room, a virtual screening platform where users are able to purchase tickets to watch films and exclusive Q&A with casts and crews.

The concept plays on the idea of Spectrum, expressing how A24 films portray the intensity of emotions and depth in their storytelling and cinematography. The art direction plays on the refraction of glass and lighting as well as the layering of panels to show the abstract representation of depth.

Software: Maxon Cinema4D, Maxon Redshift, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator.



A promotional video showcasing the beauty and the features of Beosound Balance. And to show that Beosound Balance is more than just a powerful, dynamic speaker, but also a work of art that fits into any home.

To us, Beosound Balance represents:
The balance between the aesthetical form and the powerful functionality of the product.
The balance of honest, natural materials and premium craftsmanship.
The balance between technology and having a human touch.

The balance of simplicity and complexity in both its functions and hardware.

We want to drive the narrative of bringing a piece of art into your home, starting the video off with the speaker sitting atop a balancing art sculpture made of the materials of the product in its raw form, and ending the product gently coming down in different home interiors.

Team: Edwin Tan, Sijie Goh, Suiling, Pranjal

Software: Maxon Cinema4D, Maxon Redshift, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator.

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