FX Demo Reel | Alessandro Pertile

FX Demo Reel | Alessandro Pertile

Alessandro Pertile
by alessandrop on 4 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Each of my work is inspired by something I have experienced: a journey, a photograph, scenes from movies related to the Star Wars universe... I reworked the memories with the techniques learned at Lost Boys Studios and I always add my own personal touch. I am happy and honored to be able to present my demo-reel to you.

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Like all young people, I have always been fond of video games and reconstructions of natural environments in 3D seen in films at the movie theater.

At 17 I had the opportunity to attend an Unreal Engine course in a summer camp in the USA and there I realized that my passion could also have turned into a job.

During my university years in Milan I "discovered" the world of VFX with Houdini and at Lost Boys Studios in Vancouver they gave me the tools to free my imagination.

Earthquake | RBD Project Inspired by 2012

When I first saw 2012 I was amazed by the quantity and quality of the Fx in this film.

I wanted to get involved and try to recreate one of the iconic scenes from the film.

Ocean Beach | Flip & Ocean Project Inspired by Frozen 2

As a huge lover of nature, I find water and the ocean fascinating.

Every slightest force in play can create unique effects on the behavior of the water.

This shot is inspired by one of the scenes from Frozen 2 which in turn was inspired by a real beach in Iceland.

Waterfall | Flip Project

As I said before, as a great water lover I wanted to recreate a river/waterfall.

The environment is very similar to the red terrains easily traceable to places like Nevada or Utah, a tribute to two of my favorite states in the USA.

Obi Wan Jedi Clothes | Vellum Project Inspired by the Star Wars universe

Hello there

As a great lover of Star Wars and Obi Wan Kenoboi's character, I wanted to dedicate my vellum project to the classic Jedi clothes.

Game Trailer | Particle Project Inspired by Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

I was practically 10 years old when Star Wars - The Force Unleashed came out and I immediately fell in love with the character, then when I saw the superb trailers made by Blur Studios they did nothing but consolidate my appreciation of these, unfortunately, only two video games.

Ohia Lehua | Geo Project

As a first project at Lost Boys Studios we had to recreate an organic model and for this reason I decided to create the Ohia Lehua, a sacred Hawaiian flower originated by the goddess Pele who covered her entire home, the volcano, with them.

Group Project | Sparse Pyro

In the end, during my stay at school we had the opportunity to work on a group project in which everyone had to deal with an effect, a challenge to prepare for the world of work.

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