by ConallFerguson, MondayZi, and jayzz on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

R.J. Mitchell is struggling to create a faster, better aircraft, when a bird flies into his room. Inspiring his design for a new aircraft.

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Introducing "Spitfire", a new short animated film created at Escape Studios. "Spitfire" tells the story of the inspiration behind the legendary WW2 aircraft, Spitfire, and its creator R G Mitchell. "Spitfire" was Directed by Christopher Mardsen-Carleton, Produced by Conall Ferguson and Edited by Jessa Timog-Santiago.

Spitfire Credits

Christopher Mardsen-Carleton - Director, Script Writer, Rigger, Animator

Conall Ferguson - Producer, Additional Script Writer, Animator, Fx

Eren Arnold - Storyboard Artist, Texturing, Animator

Wiktor Brodowski - CG Supervisor, Animator

Jessa Timog-Santiago - Editor, Animator

Juliana Aczel - Storyboard Artist, 3D Modeling, Animaton, Motion Graphics

Anand Sembhi - Cinematography, Animator

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