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2022 UE4 Projects - George Cutler

2022 UE4 Projects - George Cutler

George Cutler
by georgecutler7 on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Presentation of my UE4 environment projects I worked on during my final year at univerisity.

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Mushroom Truck Project

As what started as a prop-focused project to communicate narrative, I revistited the prop to develop the painterly textures alongside learning foliage and environment techniques in UE4. 

Inspired by the excitement evoked from a pizza van that visits locally, I wanted produce an exciting yet mysterious atmosphere through using lighting, shaders, materials and composition in UE4.

Alpaca Temple Project (WiP)

A final university project with goals to consolidate my skills in Environment Artist pipelines and engine knowledge such as material blends, vertex painting, trimsheets and foliage. I prioritised modularity in this project through focusing on material functions and Substance Designer materials.

Journey Environment Art Test

Screenshots from a UE4 real-time environment produced in 3-weeks for a Sumo Digital art test focusing on the theme of a "journey". This was my first project using trimsheets made in Substance Designer to kitbash the temple ruins assets to establish a cohesive theme throughout. I used world-space mapped textures in the materials to reduce repetition in the foliage and explored runtime virtual texturing to blend the modular assets into their environment.

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