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Sheridan Test Article

Sheridan Test Article

by Temppe on 8 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a self directed personal project from a couple of years ago. 164,237 triangles 3x 4K (albedo rough normal metal) 1x 1K (albedo rough normal alpha)

12 1302 2
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In 1979 the United States and West Germany co-developed an experimental directed energy weapon for the anti-armour role. One of their prototypes was mounted in a Sheridan tank and trials were conducted in West Germany. In 1983 the United States withdrew from the project, and without sufficient funding to continue research alone, the West German Army placed the prototypes in storage. The vehicle lay in an army base until November 1984 when the ultra left militant group Red Army Faction raided the armoury for weapons and found it.

Triangle: 164, 237
Texture: 3x 4k (albedo, normal, rough, metal) and 1x 1k (albedo, normal, rough, alpha).

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