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Mamiya 645 in Snow Final Update
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Mamiya 645 in Snow Final Update

This s a project where I wanted to model my Mamiya 645 camera and texture it and put nice lighting on it. I really want to improve my lighting with this project.

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Update - 26 Feb 2022

Here are my final renders, hope you enjoy it!

Here is my final moodboard.

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Update - 25 Feb 2022

Textures are done and will be adjusting the lighting for the scene!

Update - 25 Feb 2022

Almost done with the texturing, and will move on to lighting the scene soon.

Update - 24 Feb 2022

Update - 23 Feb 2022

And here is the updated moodboard, I did some more research on movies with snow and will keep on updating the moodboard.

Update - 23 Feb 2022

Adding more details on the camera now, once the tertiary details and logos are done I will UV and texture them.

Update - 23 Feb 2022

Here is the WIP of the camera model and some reference photos I took.

Update - 20 Feb 2022

Here are some references I found via evanrichard's movie still website. I plan on creating a scene with only an analog camera and some other props, and will try to make a warm, cozy render and a cool, scary render.