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Santa's window - Bingyue Gu
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Santa's window - Bingyue Gu

Santa's window

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Update - 18 Feb 2022

A few more assets I modelled in C4D for the scene. 

Here are the final renders:

     Santa's Window (day time)

Santa's Window (night time)

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Update - 11 Feb 2022

To have something extend to the foreground, I added  a blue blanket on the armchair, which is made in Marvelous Designer.

The outside environment's textures are made in Substance Painter, using a basic rock texture underneath and a basic snow texture on the top. I also put a simpl sled on the ground to imply Santa's identity. The model is modified based on a free sled model from CG Trader.

I also improved the texture of the window. It is a procedural material made in Octane. My idea is that after one night's snow, the sun comes out and the ice on the window starts to melt a little bit. I am pretrty satisfied with the final result.

Apart from that, I also changed the colour of the heater so it is less noticeable since the armchair is now the focus point.

Update - 8 Feb 2022

I added a few more details to the scene.  Also the focus length is changed and the scales of objects are adjusted. 

PS: The books, glasses and mug are free assets from CG Trader. The logs in the heater are from Quixel.

Update - 26 Jan 2022


Jan 26th  Ideas:   When speaking of winter, my first thought is Christmas. Therefore the idea I have so far is to make renders of Santa's working desk in front of a huge window in both daytime and night time. However, instead of putting an actual Santa in my render, I will show his identity through the environment. My goal is to create beautiful renders with stories and emotions.

Feb 2nd: I blocked out my initial ideas in Cinema4D and added some drawings and annotations for further development.

Feb 4th: I modelled some of the major objects in the scene in C4D and Marvelous Designer. The chair is a free asset from CG trader.

Colour Inspiration

Feb 6th: My inspiration for the mood and colours is from Wes Anderson movies. Since the render is about Santa, who communicates with kids, I think it would be a good idea to use bright colours. The mood should be warm(even it is winter), happy and playful.

Feb 7th: I made more detailed textures for the objects in Substance Painter. I also added another light at the back of the room to simulate the light coming through a fictional door at the back.