Cabin in the winter season
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Cabin in the winter season

My take on the Winter Stories challenge

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Update - 24 Jan 2022

I've been working on this project for a bit now, and at this point is just minor adjustments.

For now, these will be the final renders, if i make any changes I'll update them later on.

Both images are 1920x1080.

I did import some things from Quixel Bridge like the plants, books, boxes and tree logs.
I also imported a couple of things from Cgtrader but i made changes to the props i used so it wouldn't be the exact same asset, for example, the ceilings lights, the overall aspect from a distance is the same but i reduced the polygons/removed some stuff so it wouldn't be as heavy, and re-did the textures in painter.

Overall i think it came out okay since it's my first real-time render in Unreal Engine without following a complete step-by-step tutorial.

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Update - 21 Jan 2022

I'm having some issues trying to replicate the darker mood presented on the mood board. Given that there is zero to no lighting coming from the inside of the house(s), and all lighting is coming from the window, if I try and replicate it, it becomes too dark. So I most likely will have to find new reference pictures and change the mood so it doesn't look as dark as shown above, or I'll have to find a wait to fix it.

Update - 14 Jan 2022

The majority of this version is mostly done, maybe is missing a few tweaks here and there that i'll change later on.

For now, I'm leaving this version of the scene to the side a bit and I'm going to start working on the other light mood.

Update - 12 Jan 2022

For now, the outdoor lighting is pretty much done, at least in this version, I still need to work on the other one which will most likely be nighttime.

Now I'm still not sure about the interior lighting, I think it looks a bit odd, especially the fireplace, but ill keep working on it.

For the materials, I had to change most of them that I did previously since they looked a bit bland and went with some that I found on mega scans, they're still subject to change.

Update - 7 Jan 2022

There's a lot of placeholders still  but there's also a few things that are done already, I'm still leaving a bit of open space to future edits most of it in the texture aspect of things

I'm also messing a bit with the lights every time I work on the project but given that the lighting will be the most difficult part, for now, I'm just trying to see what looks good and what doesn't.

Update - 4 Jan 2022

For this contest, i was looking to do some sort of interior scene in Unreal Engine 5 for my first environment without some form of a tutorial, I'm basing my scene on just a few reference pictures, but I am always looking for new references and ideas to add to the scene or even re-do it completely.