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Robin Buckley's bedroom
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Robin Buckley's bedroom

For this contest I decided to design Robin Buckley's bedroom

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Update - 1 Jan 2022

Final design!

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Update - 1 Jan 2022

The third season of stranger things introduced a new character, Robin Buckley. I found her extremely interesting and I hope that  the following season  explores  her background further. That's why I chose to design her bedroom, a place that should reflect its owner personality.

I started doing some research and brainstorming, and a moodboard of teenage bedrooms in the 80's

Then I thumbnailed some ideas and setted the mood of the room. Since she is a very complex girl, not popular but cooler than most people, I wanted her bedroom to feel like a refuge. That's why I chose the attic type of room.

Sketching and looking for more specific references.